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It’s a small town about forty kilometres from Kathmandu, traditionally inhabited by Newari people, an ethnic group largely found in and around the Kathmandu Valley.The town is surrounded by rice fields and hills, which are bright green just after the monsoon, and the architecture in the centre of the town is typically Newari, with ornately carved wooden doorways and windows.They are usually under- or uneducated, too, so don’t get many opportunities to earn their own money or contribute to the household in any way other than with their household chores.The Community Homestays aimed to change all that in their communities.

The thirty-four homestay women contribute 20% of their total income towards the development of community.These days, around 1800 guests stay at the Panauti Community Homestay annually.With such tangible achievements evident from just its first four years of operation, there are high hopes for what the project could continue to do for Panauti, as well as for other communities around Nepal.While Nepal isn’t short of stunning natural landscapes, unfortunately many settlements tend to be litter-strewn, with poor water quality in the rivers and ponds.But, as Panauti host Parvati Sainju commented: “We are more aware of sanitation and hygiene now.

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